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The three words that best describe REAP are experience, integrity and effectiveness. In a world where brokers are often seen as an unavoidable cost of doing business, REAP distinguishes itself...REAP for very good reason is our broker advisor of choice. REAP produces results!

Development Client in Woodbridge

We have worked with REAP Capital over the past few years on several projects. Working with REAP has always been a positive and systematic experience, from the beginning to the end.... Any concerns we have REAP has always been able to provide assurance and dependability that our financing would be managed properly and swiftly.

Hands down the top brokers I have ever come across in the industry. And I have dealt with many. No one is like REAP. They are honest, well connected, creative, and fair. They will tell you if they can help you on your project.

R.M. (Lawyer)


Thank you REAP for guiding us through this process. We are glad we had the support!


It is always a pleasure working with REAP as they are so on top of things!


REAP was very helpful throughout the entire process and went above and beyond to help us close.

Satisfied Client

Thank you. There is a god and his/her name is REAP...I have dealt in the past with so many brokers and the level of professionalism, honesty, and results you bring is unmatched.


Wow! You are the most organized people with whom we deal! Thank you.


Impressed with your intelligence, knowledge, experience, and deal-making ability.


I trust that Mary and Emma are still the superstar team to get deals over the line!

Satisfied Client

Thank you for the exceptional work you've been doing on our file. Your dedication and expertise have not gone unnoticed, and we truly appreciate the effort you've put into tackling what may seem like an insurmountable task. Despite the challenges, you've consistently delivered results that exceed our expectations.

Satisfied Client

Your consistent reliability and effort are greatly valued and appreciated.

Satisfied Client

I want to express my gratitude for skillfully representing our concerns. Your concise and thorough communication is invaluable. Thank you for ensuring our message was conveyed effectively.

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